Liverpool on the Attack

Liverpool finally succeeding in their attempt to qualify for the final stages of the 2017-18 UEFA Champions League, with the English club having done a fairly impressive job as they are competing in Group E along with: Sevilla, FC Spartak Moskva and NK Maribor.

Out of the 5 UEFA Champions League qualifying matches that Liverpool had played prior to last night, they managed to collect 9 points with 2 triumphs and 3 draws which put them at the top of the group. Sevilla is in 2nd place with 8 points and FC Spartak Moskva is in 3rd with 6 points. Continue reading Liverpool on the Attack

Klopp keeping close eye on Barcelona’s B squad

It’s believed that Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp is currently monitoring the youth team of Barcelona as the German manager has already identified a players that have the potential to succeed in the Premier League and Klopp is rumored to be interested in signing a few of those players in the near future.

Jurgen Klopp wants to add more youth to his squad and it appears like there are a few players in the Barcelona B squad that have caught his attention and rumors have recently been stating that Klopp has already ordered some of his staff members to keep a close eye on the training grounds and development of Barcelona’s youth academy, whether or not this is actually true is something that remains to be confirmed. Continue reading Klopp keeping close eye on Barcelona’s B squad


Steve Bruce says if he remained only a club Footballer in his life and did not make it to the international level, Alex Ferguson is responsible for that.

Bruce was going to be picked by the Irish association if he had said yes when they had come knocking in the early nineties. The former defender was 34 years of age back then and had no scope of an England career at all.

As per Bruce, if he was on himself, it would have been an easy ‘yes’ from his side, but, for the interests of Manchester United, Ferguson asked him to sacrifice that opportunity and he did that. Continue reading BRUCE REJECTED IRELAND


Brendan Rodgers has expressed his disagreement over Steven Gerrard’s recent statements.

A few days ago, Gerrard had said that the Reds didn’t approach that famous Chelsea game of 2013-14 Premier League with the kind of attitude they needed to.

Liverpool had lost that game to lose the League title as well ultimately.

According to Gerrard, there was a sense of overconfidence in team’s preparation leading to that game and it harmed them eventually.

But, Rodgers, who was in charge of Liverpool at that time, is of the opinion that the attitude was perfectly okay and it couldn’t have been any different.

In the words of Rodgers, “I wouldn’t like to agree to what has been said regarding our approach that day.”

“We had played aggressive Football all season and we went the same way against Chelsea too. There was nothing wrong in that.”

“It was only a misfortune that just before the break, a slip happened and it shifted the momentum in the opposite direction. But, till that instance, they had not been able to put us under pressure.”

“Even when we came after the break, we continued with the same approach for some time and we were being able to do well, but, then, towards the end, we seemed to go into our shell a little bit.”

It was the first time after his sacking that Rodgers was interacting with the press and apart from talking about the remarks of Gerrard, he spoke on some of the transfer decisions as well that he took while he was the Reds boss.

The Irishman also made it clear that he would not mind taking up the managerial job in some other league around the world if the offer comes to him.

Rodgers has so far managed only the English clubs in his short managerial career which had started in 2008.