May 30, 2019 Off By index

Liverpool might have suffered a big defeat by a margin of three goals at the hands of Barcelona in the first leg of their Round of 4 tie in European Cup, but Jurgen Klopp, the man in charge of Liverpool, reckons that he hasn’t seen a better performance from his team in the competition over the last couple of seasons even if the result would suggest otherwise.

Klopp says that rather than focusing too much on the end result, his focus as a coach is always on what his boys did on the pitch and some of things that he saw them do were absolutely brilliant. Of course Barcelona kept more possession, but whenever his boys had the possession, they showed great composure and made opportunities for themselves, although couldn’t convert any.

Klopp reckons that most of the people, when they see the end result, they won’t really want to believe what he is saying, but some people who observe the Football games minutely would understand what he is saying. And he himself is going to use this performance as an example to motivate his boys in future and make them believe that great things are possible on the pitch.

Klopp however is not very optimistic about Liverpool making the finals now. Although he insisted that anything can happen and hence they can’t be ruled out, but according to him, this is Barcelona they have to deal with and Barcelona is not a team which, when attacked, panics or gets into their shell.

They are very, very good on counter punch. So when you attack them, there is always a risk of conceding and considering the margin Liverpool has lost the first leg by, they have no option but to attack from the word go in the return leg.