Henderson Wants Liverpool to Lose ‘Mentality Monsters’ Tag

November 19, 2019 Off By index

Jordan Henderson called on Liverpool and asked them to shed their tag of ‘mentality monsters’ by dominating the games and then winning them conveniently. Liverpool came to a goal down for winning the last two games of Premier League and scored twice in the last 3 minutes for defeating Aston Villa. Before that, they recovered from a losing or drawing position to beat Leicester, Salzburg, and Arsenal in recent times. Also, they have scored a late equalizer for drawing the match at Manchester United.

The term ‘mentality monsters’ had been given by Jurgen Klopp after the improbable comeback of the team to defeat Barcelona in the Champions League semi-finals in the previous season. However, Henderson is of the opinion that it is high time for Liverpool to stop placing themselves in such situations.

The skipper of Liverpool wrote that the thing about being the ‘mentality monster’ is that you have to challenge yourself and find out where you can change yourself to be better. He says that as a team their mindset is that they have to keep going and never succumb. However, he also believes that they should take a look at the numbers and make sure not to put themselves in such a position in the first place. According to him comebacks are great for television but depend on the team to address the problem of lagging behind in games.

He says that they would like to be the side that dominates the other team and is in complete control over the game. They have proved it time and again that they are capable of doing that. Nevertheless, at present, the team has not been doing enough to ensure that they are in a dominant position when it comes to the scoreboard for a longer period of time.