Naby Keita’s Goals For Liverpool Season

September 25, 2018 Off By index

There is no doubt that Liverpool is one of the world’s biggest clubs and Naby Keita is quite adamant to be a part of the club. He is a midfielder who recently moved to Liverpool from RB Leipzig for £52million. It is in fact the 3rd highest amount ever offered to the giants of Anfield. The best part is Keita has successfully made it to the top and assures his fans to do much more being a part of Liverpool.

Keita is the kind of individual who believes that if he scores around 8 goals in a season, his mission would be scoring 9 goals in the next season. This is the mentality Keita has and he is a great team player. He is someone who thinks about his team first before considering himself. Keita recently said the Premier League is not the same like other leagues that he has played. Every player knows how difficult it is and Keita promises to beat his own records. He is highly motivated and would do anything to make Liverpool proud.

The 23 year old is the most expensive midfielder and explains his entry to England is just the beginning of his quest to take part in the world elite. As far as his career is concerned, he did have a quiet beginning to his Reds career. Keita has played in Salzburg and Istres and is confident that he would understand the playing tactics required to play in the most difficult leagues.  The midfielder knows that many people from overseas enter into the Premier League. As per him, playing in the league can be tough, but he is determined to play not only for himself but for his teammates too. People have always been supportive towards him and he would definitely give everything he can settle himself in the club at the earliest.